MCC Technology is a United States corporation that supplies laptop parts and accessories to wholesalers, retailers, service centers, and end users.

MCC Technology equips their customers with decision-making resources such as detailed specifications, descriptions, and high resolution photos of all parts and accessories. We offer a low-price guarantee and an urgent, same-day shipping standard to provide our customers with excellence and timely delivery. Our Customer Service team reads and responds to every inquiry within 1 business day to ensure your utmost satisfaction. MCC’s near-perfect customer satisfaction ratings make us one of the most sought after laptop parts suppliers in North America.



MCC Technology houses over 500,000 parts on site, ready to carefully pack and ship immediately. As one of the largest suppliers of laptop motherboards and LCDs we carefully take all necessary precautions to protect your Motherboards and all other static sensitive devices. We supply and support customers worldwide, and respond promptly to their needs.

MCC Technology is headquartered in Silicon Valley CA.